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Quality System Training

Training to Improve Employee Knowledge

Ainslie is skilled in all areas of quality system management, leadership, and quality assurance training. Below is an overview of our many training activities.

Quality Assurance Training

Executive Overview:

  • Informs Top Management of Responsibility in Implementing Regulatory & Standards Requirements
  • Understanding Standards Requirements
  • Defining Auditor Attributes
  • Quality System Documentation Structure
  • What Are the Costs of Quality?

Supervisor Training:

  • Teaches Staff Members What a Quality System Is
  • How to Develop and Implement Requirements
  • Understanding the Difference between a Policy Manual, Procedure, Instruction, & Record
  • Internal Audit Expectations
  • Generating a Training Requirements Matrix
  • Assigning Responsibility for System Functions

Design Controls:

  • Trains Technical Staff in the Design Control Process to Yield Reduced Time to Market
  • Creating an Acceptable Plan
  • Defining Interactions and Responsibilities
  • Establishing Device Safety & Performance Requirements
  • Configuring Product Specifications
  • Scheduling Pre-Planned Design Reviews
  • The Verification & Validation Process
  • Documenting & Validating the Manufacturing Processes
  • Establishing Design Change Procedures
  • Archiving Requirements

Employee Awareness:

  • Familiarizes Employees with the Documentation Structure and Needs of the ISO, Aerospace, & FDA/QSR Systems
  • Defining a Quality System
  • Understanding the Overall Company Quality Policy, Vision, & Scope
  • Procedure Violations and the Internal Audit Process

Audit Coaching:

  • Teaches Appropriate Behavior during a Third Party Audit
  • Creating an Information Log
  • Acceptable Responses to Audit Questions
  • Understanding Areas of the Standard Likely to Generate Non-Conformances
  • Correcting Problems Found during an Audit

Internal Auditing:

  • Provides Your Company with a Team of Qualified Internal Auditors
  • Addressing the Elements of the Standard
  • Understanding "Special" Words in the Standard
  • Conducting structured and useful Audits
  • Develops effective Questioning & Listening Techniques

Quality Improvement:

  • Develops the skills to define and measure company and supplier Quality Objectives
  • Determining Quantifiable Objective
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction and how to meet customer objectives

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